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Ministering on the back porch and beyond...

I’m grateful for how the Lord continues to use 21 Dive to minister. I’ve been continuing my latest back porch series, “Jesus is” on Facebook. I’m focusing on some of the Lord’s characteristics and qualities, and talking about how believers can show these characteristics in our own lives. In the next couple of weeks I’ll add my interviews on the back porch. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to talk with believers about their walk with the Lord, and I hope these conversations will not only be an encouragement, but that they will change lives for Jesus.

God has also led me to have an online revival, which I’m hoping to do in April or May. Right now, I’m praying and visualizing about how it needs to transpire. One thing I’ve learned during the pandemic is that there are no limitations to the Lord. If He gives you a calling, He will give you the provision. Our ministry’s purpose is reaching people, and leading them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I trust God to guide me where He wants me to go, and to preach what He’ll have me to preach.

We are so thankful for your support through your love offerings, and I definitely feel your prayers. We have the best partners on this side of heaven! You’re truly a blessing to our ministry and family! I humbly ask you to continue your support in 2021 as we faithfully go forward for Christ. We pray that God will bless your family with peace, joy, and good favor, and keep you safe under His strong arm. We love you and continually thank God for you!

Examining our ways

Our society puts its faith in the philosophy of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and it has caused many to believe that they can make it without God. The world says, “Religion may be all right for emotional people, but you can’t beat a man who believes in himself.” Billy Graham once said that this self-confident generation has produced more alcoholics, more dope addicts, more criminals, more wars, more broken homes, more assaults, more embezzlements, more murders, and more suicides than any other generation that ever lived.

Even believers are caught in this worldly trap, and are so focused on being successful that we are forgetting our purpose and calling. It is time for all of us to take stock of our failures, blunders, and costly mistakes. When we don’t put Christ first, don’t surrender to Him, everyone suffers. It’s about time that we put less confidence in ourselves and more trust and faith in God.

Psalm 139: 23-24 says, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Every day we need to examine our hearts. We need to ask the Lord to forgive us of our selfish thoughts and ways. We must ask God to guide us in our day to day activities, and then we need to put our confidence in His leading.

Lamentations 3: 40-41 says, “Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord. Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens.” This is my prayer not only for myself, but for my family and ministry. Let that be your prayer as well. If we turn to the Lord in all things, then we can reach our families, friends, neighbors, communities, and the world for Christ!

Faithfully Serving Him,


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