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Way to Give
Bart Ponders holding a Bible


     21 Dive Ministries is based on one of the most basic offensive plays in football. It is called in a huddle when a team must move forward, even if it is only inches. There are no complicated turns or pitches, no elaborate blocking assignments ... just straight forward progress!  Everyone on the team moves forward as the fullback drives right up the middle.  


21 Dive Ministries goal is to go on the offensive and move the families of our community forward toward the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Our ministry has seen entire families come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, and many lives have been changed.


21 Dive has a simple and determined mission: Moving forward for Christ!


What We Do

Bart Ponders Preaching

Our Purpose and Mission :

Reaching and Leading People to the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ. 


21 Dive Ministries desires to reach people by sharing the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in a practical and understandable way.  21 Dive Ministries will help mend relationships between parents and children; rescue those lost in the material world, and encourage the spiritually hurting.  21 Dive Ministries will speak at various assemblies and venues, and, go and do wherever God leads.

  • Revival

  • Harvest event

  • Family Day

  • Homecoming

  • Evangelism Rally

  • Leadership Retreat

  • Associational S.P.L.A.S.H.

  • Mission Event

  • Winter Retreat

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Youth Camp

  • Disciple Now (D-Now)

  • Outreach Training

  • Graduation Service

  • Back-to-School Event

  • School Event

  • Pre and Post Game Event

  • Custom Events Tailored to your Ministry Needs

Bart Ponders Offering an Invitation

As an evangelist, for me, revivals are more than events ... they are an opportunity to challenge and equip the church to reach their community and to train people to share their faith.  I train the church to Pray, Prepare, and Pursue before, during, and after the revival. When God moves, we are ready to move with Him.   

I would love the opportunity to talk with you more about how 21 Dive can best serve your church and community.




"Thank God for Bart Ponders!  He is not just an evangelist, he is an evangelizer! He connects, models, and transmits the gospel of Christ freely and intentionally.  Just ask the cashier when he pays for his gas, the receptionist and the housekeepers at the hotel, the businesses he visits, the restaurants where he dines or people he encounters on the street. With Bart Ponders a church not only experiences truly inspiring revival services, but also a missionary on the field.  His life story is a demonstration to all that God honors brokenness, repentance, humility and obedience to the Great Commission mandate.  He demonstrates all of that because he has personally lived it.  Brother Bart likes to say, 'Here's the thing...I have never gotten over my salvation."  Not only do I wholeheartedly recommend scheduling him for your church's revival, it is my prayer that you do so."



—  Rev. Alan McCoy, Senior Pastor

Gracewood Baptist Church, Statesboro, Georgia

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Phone:       Bart:  706-313-8022

                   Tara:  706-313-8475



1702 Chestnut Oak Drive #83

Dalton, GA 30721

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